CRMC Has Good Orthopedic Surgeons To Serve You

At Carrollton Regional Medical Center, we provide exceptional bone and joint care, distinguishing ourselves as a top facility for orthopedic treatment. Our Center for Orthopedics and Spine Surgery is renowned for its advanced capabilities in treating orthopedic injuries and diseases.

Orthopedic Services Provided

Our services include:

Total joint replacement, such as knees, shoulders, and hips, performed by the best knee and hip surgeons near you.

Joint Wellness Program, designed for quick recovery post-surgery.

Minimally invasive treatments for hips, knees, and shoulders by top knee doctors.

Complex joint reconstruction.

Comprehensive sports medicine services.

Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

For a referral to an orthopedic doctor near you or a specialist orthopedic physician nearby,
call (972) 492-1010.

Can You Prevent Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis prevention is key, and we recommend maintaining ideal body weight, regular exercise, good posture, and varied physical activities to protect your joints.

Specialized Care for Joint Conditions

Our specialized services also include the best orthopedic hip specialists nearby and the best shoulder orthopedic surgeons. If you're looking for the best osteoarthritis doctor in Carrollton, our team is equipped to provide expert care.

Jumper’s Knee: Diagnosis and Treatment

Jumper's knee is diagnosed through a medical history, physical examination, and radiographs. Treatment includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, rest, ice, and exercises.

Osteoarthritis: Understanding and Treatment

Osteoarthritis, more common in older individuals, can affect any joint. Our approach includes thorough diagnostics and treatments, including joint replacement surgery by our skilled team, including top orthopedic doctors around you.

Find a Provider

For a provider specializing in orthopedics, call (972) 492-1010. Carrollton Regional Medical Center is here to help you get healthier and stay well, offering access to the best orthopedic care in the region.

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