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Think You’re Invincible? Think Again!

Men often feel invincible, but regular health maintenance is essential. That's why Carrollton Regional Medical Center offers a range of comprehensive services specifically for men, focusing on areas like cancer care, heart health, orthopedics, and more.

Specialized Men's Health Services

We provide specialized care in:

Cancer Care, including prostate cancer therapy and treatment

Ear, Nose, and Throat services

Emergency Care

Heart and Vascular Care


Pain Management

Sleep Disorders

Spine Care

Preventive Screenings: The Heroic Choice

Annual checkups are crucial in combating health issues. Men, especially over 35, should consider the following screenings:

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA): Recommended for men aged 65-75 who have a history of smoking.

Blood Glucose: To detect and manage prediabetes and diabetes.

Blood Pressure: Regular screening to prevent hypertension.

Body Mass Index (BMI): An important metric for assessing obesity-related disease risks.

Cholesterol: Essential for heart disease and stroke prevention.

Colon Cancer: Screening options include colonoscopy and virtual colonoscopy, starting at age 50.

Depression: Often underdiagnosed but treatable with counseling and medication.

Prostate Cancer: Men over 50 should discuss PSA blood tests and digital rectal exams with their doctor. We offer the best prostate cancer treatment options, including radiation for prostate cancer, and specialist care for prostate health.

Men's Primary Care and Specialist Referrals

Looking for the best men's health care in Carrollton or a men's primary care physician near you? Our center excels in providing top-tier health services for men, including male primary care doctors nearby.

For more information or to find a specialist, including the best prostate cancer treatment centres, call (972) 492-1010 for a physician referral.

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