Hematology And Gynecologist Oncology Surgeons At Carrollton Regional Medical Center

The hematologists at Carrollton Regional Medical Center are highly skilled in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of various blood disorders. These specialists are trained in internal medicine with additional years of focused training in hematology, often sought for their expertise in benign (non-cancerous) blood disorders.

Blood Disorders Treated

Our hematologists address a range of common blood disorders, including but not limited to:

Bleeding and clotting problems

Infection-related blood issues


Benign monoclonal gammopathy


Erythrocytosis and Leukocytosis

Lymphohistiocytic disorders


Sickle cell disease

Thrombocytosis and Thrombocytopenia

von Willebrand disease

Treatments for Blood Disorders

At Carrollton Regional Medical Center, we provide advanced treatment options for blood disorders. Our services include:

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation

Blood Stem Cell Transplantation


Blood Transfusions

Additionally, for those looking for comprehensive cancer care, our medical center includes some of the best oncologists near Carrollton. We offer specialized services from gynecologist oncologists, surgical oncologists, and hematology oncology doctors. Our team of oncology physicians near you is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care, including the best medical oncologists in the field.

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