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At Carrollton Regional Medical Center, our endocrinologists, who are specialists in gland-related issues, offer comprehensive care and treatment for a range of conditions. People often consult our endocrine specialists for various reasons, including thyroid diseases, metabolic disorders, menopause, osteoporosis, hypertension, lipid disorders, and notably, diabetes.

Committed to Innovative Care and Research

Our commitment extends to ongoing research and the development of innovative treatments and management programs, particularly for diabetes, a common focus for our endocrinologist specialists.

Conditions Treated by Our Specialists:

Diabetes: Comprehensive care from an endocrinologist for diabetes near you.


Lipid Disorders: Managing high blood cholesterol and triglycerides.



Parathyroid Calcium Disorders

Pituitary and adrenal disorders

Thyroid Diseases: Expert care from an endocrinologist for thyroid issues.

Hypothyroidism: Specialized hypothyroidism endocrinologists providing targeted treatment.

Endocrinology Treatments:

Lifestyle changes




Specialized Programs for Diabetes Management:

The Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs at Carrollton Regional Medical Center cover essential topics for living successfully with diabetes. These programs are designed to empower patients through education and practical guidance.

Pioneering in Islet Cell Transplantation:

We take pride in being the first hospital in the southwest to perform islet cell transplantation, a cutting-edge procedure for individuals with type 1 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. This innovative treatment is a testament to our dedication to advanced endocrine care.

For expert endocrine treatment, including specialized care for diabetes and thyroid disorders, consult a diabetic doctor specialist at Carrollton Regional Medical Center.

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