​CRMC has top rated heart doctors near you

At Carrollton Regional Medical Center – Carrollton, our team takes a collaborative approach to address heart attacks promptly, delivering advanced and quality care for patients who comes with chest pain.

Experience peace of mind knowing we have the best cardiothoracic surgeons ready to provide exceptional care. Our commitment to cardiac health extends to a conveniently located cath lab for you, ensuring swift access to critical services.

Common Heart Attack Warning Signs:

Pain or discomfort in the chest

Lightheadedness, nausea, or vomiting

Jaw, neck, or back pain

Discomfort or pain in the arm or shoulder

Shortness of breath

Remember, when faced with these warning signs, don't hesitate—call **911** immediately. In times of urgency, trust in Carrollton Regional Medical Center for your cardiac needs. Our cath lab is equipped to deliver efficient care, and our heart attack emergency room open 24/7 to provide timely and effective care.

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