Major Advancements in Heart Health at Carrollton Regional Medical Center - Book An Appointment for Best CT Scan Near You



Carrollton Regional Medical Center is thrilled to announce a significant advancement in cardiac healthcare for our community with the introduction of the first 640-Slice CT Scanner in North Texas. This state-of-the-art technology is a game-changer in heart health diagnosis and treatment, offering a suite of impressive features:

3-Second Heart Scan: Rapid and efficient, perfect for those seeking an advanced heart CT scan.

9-Second Whole Body Scan: Comprehensive imaging for patients looking for a whole body CT scan.

Lower Radiation Dose: Safer imaging for patients.

Lower Contrast Dose: Reduced risk while maintaining detailed imaging.

700lb Weight Capacity: Accessible to a broader range of patients.

At CRMC, we are committed to being at the forefront of heart health and attack prevention. Our new 640-Slice CT Scanner plays a crucial role in this mission.

Innovative Cardiac Care Program

To further our leadership in heart health, Carrollton Regional Medical Center is pioneering a preventive Cardiac Care Program. Directed by a Harvard-trained cardiologist specializing in CT angiography and prevention, this program focuses on early detection and intervention for cardiac and cerebral vascular problems.

Preventative CT Angiogram: A Key to Early Detection

We strongly advocate for preventative CT angiograms, especially for individuals with a family history of heart disease or at risk. This advanced diagnostic tool, a kind of 3D chest CT scan near you, is crucial for early detection of heart disease. It noninvasively detects plaque buildup in artery walls, often signaling potential heart attack risks.

Despite many insurance companies not covering preventative CT angiograms, Carrollton Regional Medical Center offers this lifesaving diagnostic tool at an affordable cost of $999. This allows for detailed 3D imaging, capable of visualizing even the smallest blood vessels, far smaller than a strand of hair.

Accessibility and Affordability

For anyone in need of a cardiac CT scan or a full body CT scan nearby, our 640-Slice CT Scanner at Carrollton Regional Medical Center provides unmatched imaging quality. This facility is the go-to CT scan location nearby, offering cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities at an accessible price.

Consult with Your Healthcare Provider

We encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider about whether a preventative CT angiogram is suitable for you. It's a small step that could be pivotal in early detection and prevention of serious heart conditions.

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